6 people arrested in Australia after largest-ever meth seizure in U.S.

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UPDATED 7:00 AM PT — Friday, February 8, 2019

At least six people are arrested in Australia in connection with what’s being considered the single largest meth seizure in the U.S.

In a statement Thursday, Customs and Border Protection officials confirmed nearly two tons of meth were confiscated in Los Angeles last month as it was bound for Australia.

The drugs were packaged with smaller quantities of cocaine and heroin, and were concealed in metal boxes labeled as loudspeakers. The narcotics are said to have an estimated street value of more than $900 million.

Audio equipment containing crystal methylamphetamine. (Photo/Australian Federal Police)

Australia’s federal police said its worried the drug cartels may be trying to expand overseas.

“This is a serious warning. We now believe that Mexican cartels are actively targeting Australia. They’ve been sending smaller amounts over the years. This is now flagging the intent Australia is now being targeted. The cartel is among one of the most powerful and violent drug trafficking syndicates in the world.” — Asst. Commissioner Bruce Hill, Australian Federal Police

Two of the individuals arrested in connection with the crime are confirmed to be Americans, and are now facing charges of attempting to import illegal drugs.

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