All Change In Crypto Market Cap Charts as Another Dump Begins

The top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization is an ever shifting list as new winners emerge to usurp yesterday’s champions. Another market dump appears to have initialized shaking up the order of things in this crypto chart once again today.

Ripple Extending Lead, BNB Surging, Cardano and Stellar Sliding

Ethereum has suffered heavier losses than its brethren lately which have resulted in a dwindling market cap as its price approaches $100. Today’s plunge has sent ETH a further 3.5% down as it dumped to $103.5 in one big dive a couple of hours ago. At this rate Ethereum will be in double figures again by the end of the week, back to mid-December or May 2017 prices. Some, however, have predicted the opposite using fractal patterns to indicate an upswing for Ethereum.

Ripple’s XRP token has again weathered this recent purge a little better, only dropping 2% to remain at around $0.29. This has increased the gap between the two to $1.2 billion as the market cap of Ether shrinks back to $10 billion. There have been reports of an inflated market cap for XRP but at the current time is reporting it to be just over $12 billion.

EOS is just above Tether in fourth at the time of writing but this is likely to change if the selloff accelerates. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are battling for sixth spot, as both have a market cap of just below $2 billion at the moment. BCH usually falls harder as it has done today dumping 4.7% over the past 24 hours.

Tron has held on to eighth spot as TRX has been one of the best performing altcoins this year. Momentum has largely come from the BTT token sale and associated airdrops. Even with today’s loss of 3.6% TRX is up over 35% since the beginning of the year while all those around it have declined.

Cardano has been dumped right out of the top ten back down to twelfth spot as it gets flipped by Binance Coin. BNB is the only altcoin in the green at the moment with a 14% gain boosting its market cap to just over a billion dollars. This has allowed it to take over from Bitcoin SV also which has been heading downward since its birth a couple of months ago. BNB is now a top ten crypto in that elusive group of billion dollar coins.

A new order is forming between the top cryptocurrencies and as it stands TRX and BNB are the clear winners while previous top rated coins such as ADA, XLM and IOTA dump further down the list.

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