Bibox Orbit Successfully Registers Strong BIX Community Participation, Lists New Trading Pairs

Bibox Orbit, the one of a kind subscription program for some of the best blockchain projects has concluded its first phase at 20:00 (GMT +8) on 22 April 2019. The launch day of this Bibox digital asset platform’s initiative garnered a lot of positive response from the BIX token holder community, who subscribed to three prominent blockchain projects.

The Bibox Orbit program listed three shortlisted projects, opening them for subscription to the BIX community. The program launch witnessed participation by over 56,000 people who picked one or more projects from the list that included The Force Protocol, Ludos and X-Block.

In order to participate in the Bibox Orbit launch, KYC verified BIX token holders were required to transfer the BIX tokens (the only accepted mode of payment at the moment) to the Bibox Orbit event page. Once the event went live at 10:00 (GMT +8) on April 22, they could pick one or more projects of their choice from the shortlist and pledge their BIX tokens. The platform had set a maximum cap of $5000 worth BIX for all participants, allowing them to pledge to any project such that the total amount doesn’t exceed the subscription limit.

The eligible participants to receive the tokens from the projects they backed was chosen through a lottery process. The lucky draw was held at 20:00 (GMT +8) the same day following the conclusion of subscription round. With an average probability of lucky draw of the three projects at 11%, the official results have since then been released.

According to the official report, the ending digits of lucky draw numbers are as follows.

The Force Protocol (FOR)                  

Ending Digits of Lucky Draw Numbers

2-digit numbers    25, 27, 42, 58, 59, 90
3-digit numbers    105, 136, 379, 387, 441, 591, 862
4-digit numbers    3502, 4073, 5644

Ludos (LUD)

Ending Digits of Lucky Draw Numbers

2-digit numbers    26, 31, 70
3-digit numbers    119, 177, 183, 257, 286, 327, 337, 360, 536, 550, 654, 656, 679, 748, 768, 863, 876, 884, 889, 905, 932, 943, 951
4-digit numbers    1034

X-Block (IX)

Ending Digits of Lucky Draw Numbers

2-digit numbers    16, 19, 24, 27, 30, 32, 35, 38, 39, 44, 56, 58, 62, 64, 72, 75, 88, 96, 97
3-digit numbers    109, 133, 140, 340, 547, 576, 689, 841, 931, 952
4-digit numbers    5477

The BIX tokens used to subscribe to lots other than the winning digits will be returned to their respective owners in the next 24 hours.

The random drawing format was implemented by the platform in the interest of the community as it can avoid auto crypto trading bots. In this format, as long as one participates, they get a chance to own their fair token share.

About the Projects

The Force Protocol: A Singapore-based open source blockchain platform, the Force Protocol offers cryptofinance solutions for the benefit of global asset lending market. Developers using the Force Protocol can implement smart contracts, shared trading book, automatic brokers among others to solve the real-world problems revolving around the traditional lending market.

Ludos is another Singapore-based gaming public chain platform with multi-sidechain and cross-chain technology that allows gamers to manage and trade their gaming assets. Ludos helps developers and game studios to crowdfund development, allowing them to issue game assets and benefit from the operation toolbox offered by the platform.

X-Block, the global decentralized fog supercomputing network based on blockchain 4.0 addresses the increasing need for processing power. Unlike conventional cloud computing solutions, X-Block fog computing enables access enterprises to access more service resources at a fraction of cost. The platform’s IX tokens use win-win cooperation between the computing resource receiver and resource provider to finally achieve a virtuous cycle of the whole blockchain ecology.

Bibox is committed to encourage the development of blockchain ecosystem and Bibox Orbit is a part of the company’s initiative to do just that. Bibox Orbit will continue to support more IEOs in the near future in a phased manner. The projects will be selected after scrutinizing their applications against various parameters to decide their viability and the ability to offer real world solutions to various challenges faced by multiple industries.

Latest Developments

Bibox has further extended support for the projects that are being listed on the Bibox Orbit program. As the next step, the digital asset exchange platform has opened FOR/BIX and FOR/USDT trading pairs starting 14:00 and 16:00 (GMT +8) on April 23 respectively. Similarly, the LUD/BIX trading pair will go live the same day at 20:00 (GMT +8).

Within one minute of opening on Bibox, the FOR/BIX trading pair registered an 800% pump in the value of FOR tokens, compared to the initial subscription price.

More information about Bibox is available on the website –


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