Blockchain-Based Project Launches Beta Version of Content Exchange Platform

Content Exchange Platform Seeks to Protect Artists’ Copyrights via Blockchain

Decentralized project ContentsDeal is a content exchange platform that enables users and creators (e.g., singers, artists, writers, etc.) to trade and distribute genuine, exclusive content transparently via blockchain. By simplifying the complex distribution structure of copyrights in today’s entertainment industry, ContentsDeal ensures fair profitability to artists, content creators as well as contributors to the network, the team emphasizes. All the parties involved can leverage blockchain encryption to make sure transaction information, payments and membership are kept safe and secure on an immutable network.

ContentsDeal is the place where creators can protect their rights, while at the same time contribute to the development of a transparent content production environment. The benefit of the public is that by signing up on the platform they get higher quality content that they can use via trading content using StarCoin (KST) and DEAL tokens.

Blockchain content trading platform for the entertainment industry

On the ContentsDeal platform, pop culture enthusiasts and avid fans can engage in trading exclusive music streaming content. For artists eager to showcase their uniqueness, it is an opportunity to market their talent and reputation in an untraditional fashion. The soundtrack industry used to be represented exclusively by CDs and LPs. Everything shifted when online media went mainstream and channels like YouTube made it possible for singers to gain a reputation without major investments.

The problem with online markets in entertainment is the lack of copyrights. In spite of a growing ecosystem, artists barely have any means to protect the rights they hold over the music, and receive fair compensation for the content they produce. A viable solution that guarantees transparency and can act as a safety net is blockchain technology. ContentsDeal supports the creative works through decentralization, according to the team. Furthermore, it provides payment convenience, fairness, and security when working with digital assets, the company says.

A win-win DApp solution for musicians and artists

ContentsDeal’s team claims that the company is aiming to solve real-world industry concerns in the K-pop entertainment industry, namely, copyright infringement. The project will implement the proof-of-copyright (PoC) protocol to protect international singers and artists by providing a decentralized music application (DApp). ContentsDeal is currently developing the webtoon DApp, which integrates the PoC protocol and enables the use of its proprietary DEAL token to authenticate all users and store confidential information such as Face IDs and transactions.

A transparent medium of exchange for content creators

KST is the principal medium of exchange on ContentsDeal. It can be used to buy or sell limited edition content (e.g., music content) or webtoons. According to the team, KST is a type of stable coin which can also be deemed as a high valued pixel. Users interested in purchasing exclusive content from the artists will need KST tokens.

DEAL coins, on the other hand, feature two different uses. Holders of DEAL can pre-purchase limited edition content from the ContentsDeal platform; or they can receive a commission for added fees applied when exchanging content between users. DEAL shouldn’t be seen as an allocation coin and compensation is based on the PoC consensus algorithm.

ContentsDeal has recently launched its Open Beta Service where platform users can distribute and trade exclusive or limited edition type of content. Users are invited to participate in several active events hosted by the project, namely the Test Transaction Contest that awards users ETH for their test transaction results once the ContentsDeal platform goes live.

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