BLOCKv and Its Partners Create Interactive Blockchain Experience at London’s Piccadilly Circus

BLOCKv, a blockchain platform that enables the creation of digital objects, partnered with Landsec and Ocean Outdoor to create an interactive blockchain experience for participants of the Goldman Sachs-sponsored “Midnight Madness” event in London.

Blockchain Graces the Midnight Madness Event

Blockchain technology was used at the Midnight Madness event in London that took place on May 11. Midnight Madness was one of the most immersive and ambitious challenges ever to be developed and involved a scavenger hunt and immersive theatre.

BLOCKv worked alongside Landsec and Ocean Outdoor at the event to put together a unique experience for the participants. They used Vatoms, the dynamic digital objects created by BLOCKv to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world around Piccadilly Circus. Thus, offering an incredible and unique interactive experience at the Midnight Madness event.

According to the official blog post by BLOCKv, the event had 27 teams present from some leading global companies. The teams had the opportunity to explore the city of London, visiting numerous landmarks. They were solving complex puzzles that revealed secrets for them during the event.

The event was designed to get the participating teams present at the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, which houses one of the world’s most popular billboards. The billboard screen displayed three giant spiders, and each of them played a crucial role in helping the teams solve the mystery of the event.

As ERC721 non-fungible tokens, each spider was a special blockchain-linked Vatom and can be pulled from the billboard screen to the participants’ phones. Once the spiders were collected, the images were replaced with the name of the groups.

In addition to this, the BLOCKv blockchain was used for other activities at the event such as the creation of numerous artificially-intelligent butterflies. The AI butterflies were released around the famous landmark, and they were viewed and captured in augmented reality. This, give the participants the second piece of the puzzle.

The last piece of the puzzle saw them use BLOCKv’s image recognition tech. The participants at the event scanned the mask worn by an actor on the street. The three digital objects collected helped the teams decrypt the next location on the Midnight Madness Journey.

Landsec Is Happy With BLOCKv’s Capabilities

A manager at Landsec expressed their delight at the functions of BLOCKv. Landsec’s Digital Advertising Manager, Derek Manns, stated that they wanted to do something special to support the Midnight Madness event and they were sure BLOCKv’s capabilities had what it takes to change Piccadilly Lights into a digital space that would breed engagement.

The director of Sharky and George and organizer of the event, Charlie Astor was ecstatic at the roles Landsec, BLOCKv, and Ocean Outdoor played in making Midnight Madness an incredible experience.

BLOCKv’s VP of Partnerships, Jon Knight, added that the success recorded at the Midnight Madness event is an indication that their advanced blockchain non-fungible tokens can capture an audience.

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