Construction crew uncovers bones of mastodon on Ind. farm

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UPDATED 7:07 AM PT – Friday, April 19, 2019

A construction crew recently uncovered the bones of a prehistoric mammal in Indiana. The workers were installing a new sewer line on a farm 60-miles south of Indianapolis when they came across the tusks and bone fragments of a mastodon.

The mammal lived during the Ice Age and was about the same size as an elephant, which is its modern day descendant.

The owner of the farm — Joe Schepman — said he was shocked to learn the land he grew up on was once home to large prehistoric creatures.

This April 15, 2019 photo shows Joe Schepman, right, and his son, Brad, standing with the remains of a mastodon found on their property in Seymour, Ind. Atlas Excavating recently discovered the remains of a mastodon on property owned by Schepman. The remains include the majority of a tusk, part of a jawbone with teeth, two upper leg bones, a vertebrae, a joint and part of the skull. The tusk was split into two pieces and together made up about a third of the tusk. (Jordan Richart/The Tribune via AP)

“This was or still is a swampy area, so when they said they lived in swamps I thought, ‘yeah that makes sense,’ but to think about this thing walking around on the property is hard to wrap your head around,” said Schepman.

The family plans to donate the bones to the Indiana State Museum.

Researchers believe the fossil is over 10,000 years old, and they plan to use radiocarbon dating to determine its exact age.

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