Crypto Market Rallies $15 Billion: Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, XLM Analysis

  • The total crypto market cap gained momentum and broke the key $252.0B resistance area.
  • Bitcoin price surged above the $8,500 and $8,650 resistance levels.
  • Litecoin (LTC) price remains in a strong uptrend and is trading nicely above $134.
  • Bitcoin cash price is grinding higher towards the $420 and $425 resistance levels.
  • EOS price is back above the $6.50 level and it may even break the key $6.75 resistance area.
  • Stellar (XLM) price is about to gain momentum above the $0.1250 level.

The crypto market cap gained sharply, with positive moves in bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Altcoins such as LTC, ripple, bitcoin cash, EOS, TRX, and stellar are also moving higher.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Bitcoin cash price finally broke the $400 resistance against the US Dollar to move into a positive zone. The BCH/USD pair even cleared the $405 resistance and it is currently trading above the $410 level. An immediate resistance on the upside is near $420, above which there are chances of more gains above $425.

On the downside, the $410 level might act as a decent support, below which there is a risk of a drop back towards the $400 or $395 support.

Litecoin (LTC), EOS and Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis

Litecoin price settled above the $130 level and it is currently moving higher. LTC price is currently up more than 3% and it is likely to climb above the $135 and $138 levels. The main resistance for the bulls is near the $140 level. On the downside, the recent resistance at $130 could provide support.

EOS price managed to gain traction above the $6.45 and $6.50 resistance levels. The price is now trading nicely above the $6.60 level and it might continue to rise in the near term. The next key resistances are near $6.70 and $6.75.

Stellar price is trading well above the $0.1200 support level and it is slowly moving higher. XLM price is about to break the $0.1250 resistance and it could continue to rise towards the $0.1280 and $0.1300 levels.

Crypto Market Cap Bitcoin Cash BTC BCH EOS Litecoin LTC XLM

Looking at the total cryptocurrency market cap 4-hours chart, there was a decent upward move from the $246.0B swing low. The market cap broke the main $250.0B and $252.0B resistance levels. It added more than $10B and grinded above the $260.0B level. A swing high was formed near $263.1B and it is currently correcting lower. An immediate support is near the $257.0B level, followed by a connecting bullish trend line with support near the $255.0B level. As long as the market cap is above the $250.0B pivot level, there could be more upsides in bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, litecoin, ripple, XLM, BCH, ADA, BNB, TRX, ICX, and other altcoins in the coming sessions.

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