Democrat Rep. Katie Porter mocks Bill Maher for not being aborted

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UPDATED 8:30 AM PT — Monday, June 10, 2019

Democrat Representative Katie Porter sparked controversy after mocking political commentator Bill Maher for not being aborted.

While discussing the Hyde Amendment during an airing of his HBO show over the weekend, Maher said he’s on the fence about abortion despite identifying as pro-choice. He defended his stance by referencing a personal anecdote about his mother, who chose not to abort him after a difficult pregnancy with his sister.

Porter quickly responded by taking a jab at his mother’s decision to give birth to him.

The exchange comes after Democrat candidates over the last week have stated their support in repealing the Hyde Amendment after Joe Biden flip-flopped on the issue last week.

Democratic congressional candidate Katie Porter speaks in Tustin, Calif. (Photo/Chris Carlson/AP Photo)

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