DogePal Improves its Web Interface and Adds API Support for DOGECOIN Payments

DogePal, a decentralized payment system that enables fast microtransactions on the Dogecoin blockchain, has recently released a new version of its web-based interface.

DogePal’s Improved GUI and API Support

DogePal chose a symbolic date for the major update to the site, the last day of the year of the dog in the Chinese calendar.

While it maintains all the previous perks, DogePal introduces an improved graphical user interface and API support, enabling merchants to accept Dogecoin conveniently.

The main page of DogePal includes a detailed transaction history overview and allows visitors to easily log onto their accounts to pay merchants instantly in DOGE.

The user can create their own customized invoices. “DogePal Codes” are the 7-digit alphanumeric codes that identify each invoice. Users can pay directly to an invoice, an email or a Dogecoin address, and can include a private message to the recipient when they send their payment.

Per DogePal, the API is taking shape according to developer consensus, with integration efforts currently being made on the Discord and Reddit social media platforms.

Customers Can Communicate With Merchants and Advertise Their Services on DogePal

Notably, the enhancements on the DogePal website allow DogePal users to send messages or ask questions to other DogePal users.

Users can create invoices to ingest data or answer questions along with a small payment, eliminating spam, turning DogePal into a simple  “microfee” communications platform.

On the vendor side, the control interface is accessed simply by logging onto DogePal and pressing the Notifications tab.

The payment information and message will be instantly presented here, and a sound file can optionally be played to notify the vendor of the payment. The vendor can also optionally receive an email with the payment information.

For increased security, DogePal has 2-factor authentication, an optional feature that subscribers can use for sending dogecoin or viewing their Dogecoin private key.

Subscribers can view their private keys, in the form of both hash and QR codes. DogePal does not store any copies of the private keys on its central servers.

According to Tom Carbon, the founder of DogePal, this risk was designed out of the system, and the possibility of theft of keys from a DogePal server does not exist.

While DogePal does not charge fees for its basic services, some additional services or features are available for a small fee.


Advertising is available on the site, and it is also possible to buy a customized 7-digit code, similar to a personalized license plate. DogePal also accepts donations, and will soon be selling window stickers for businesses that want to accept Dogecoin.

DogePal aims to bring the Dogecoin network closer to real-life applications. As DogePal offers its services for free, the viability and further development of the project is largely dependent on the contributions of the community, and the expansion of Dogecoin and DogePal into the general public.



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