Emurgo Releases the Yoroi Light Wallet for Cardano Presentation

Emurgo, one of the three entities working on Cardano, recently released the slides for the Yoroi Wallet presentation used by their CTO Nico Arqueros during the Japan Blockchain Conference.

The conference was held between January 30 and 31. Emurgo announced that they have released the slides because of the interest they received for them.

The Release of Presentation Slides

Keisha from the Emurgo team wrote on the Cardano forum:

“EMURGO’s Chief Technology Officer, Nico Arqueros, did a Yoroi Wallet presentation at Japan Blockchain Conference held on Jan. 30-31. Due to the interest received, EMURGO has released the slides from his presentation on telegram channel ‘EMURGO Announcements.’”

What Did the Slides Reveal?

The presentation described the Yoroi Wallet in detail. It states that the wallet is available as an extension on Chrome and Firefox and already has over 6,000 downloads.

It has a 5-star rating on the Chrome store. The extension focuses on security, speed, and simplicity.

Users private keys are encrypted and never stored on servers or by third-party providers.

The wallet has a light and simple structure which allows users to quickly send and receive crypto coins without having to download the entire blockchain.

The presentation also informed that over 12 percent of Cardano’s value is stored through the Yoroi wallet.

iOS and Android applications for the wallet are available.

The wallet was downloaded by 1,000 users within just 24 hours on Android. It enjoys a 5-star rating on the Google Play store as well.

During the past few months, the wallet was integrated with the Trezor hardware wallet as well as Firefox.

In 2019, Yoroi intends to integrate with the Ledger hardware wallet, making it the first Cardano wallet to do so.

They also plan to create a new design and add memos and export to CSV function.

The Yoroi wallet recently added the Russian language and plans to add Spanish, German and French as well.

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