Freedom of Speech, What color are you? What is your Freedom Color??


When it comes to Freedom of Speech what color are you??

Our freedom of speaking comes in many colors today, we accept governmental change too quickly when it comes to our Freedom to Speak.

We have put together 10 colors with definitions that could be your type based on research complied.

What do you believe?

Where do you stand?

Who are you?

Do You Really Have the Freedom You Think You do?

Pick a color from the chart and see what it has to say about you.


Shades of Red:

You may think of ketchup or blood when you think of red however when you’re think of Freedom, your red represents a prospering and peaceful home, lawful justice, vigil calmness, being a patriot.  Red is also associated with personalities that engages in war with a true valor to win. You may be a rebel at heart and a freedom fighter. For the most part you have a happy mind and happy heart. You don’t use red as your universal color; your love color is a greener shade that comes with prosperity. You want the freedom to do what you want and like. When relating to red you seem to view freedom as a right of principle rather than a privilege. You are physically and mentally strong and have lots of energy and style with great passion in your blood. Your religious background and beliefs are mostly inherited and humble and not contemplated or deep. The boldness of red makes you positive and strong in freedom. Speak out and let us know what you think about the color Red.


Shades of Orange:

Orange personalities are total outlaws when it comes to there Freedom to Speak, you have the determination to balance every aspect in this freedom. You’ll change in a matter of seconds to express the enthusiasm of your success regarding your fascination with freedom. You are the creative type that brings happiness when speaking about freedom to others. You are strong on sexual freedom and will pronounce the freedom of such. You are adaptable to teaching others about there right and the meaning of Freedom of Speech. Your orange color personality is one of the strongest, and many orange types have laid the frame work for these family’s traits. You are very bold, and you’re admired for the energy you have spread about freedom. You’re the salmon of freedom, jumping upstream to prove your point and win. When it comes to orange and love, you are a risk taker, but it give you energy and you use fun and flamboyant to accomplish attraction of your free spirit.  Religious freedom sometimes stumps you, the thought of this will make you rebellious and bias of what you believe. Speak out and let us know what you think about Orange.


Shades of Blue.

Think of the Trojan horse and the blue colored personality, your freedom to speak makes you more stable, intelligent, positive. Blue wings spread wide  just like your expressions and creative dialog, it’s like representing the sky and sea. The Trojan horse didn’t run into position, it slowly positioned itself to conquer. Your patients pay, and your bodies metabolism desires nothing but freedom. When you see blue you have but one goal, that is to create and engineer the solution needed to overcome any doubt in your beliefs regarding freedom of speech. Clearly your all for free speech and you’ll build an army around you to win the battle. You are now or were one of the young Americans that pushed the freedom of speech movement. You’ve proven again and again that patriotism has its own army and you could be a leader at any time. Blue is also your love color, religious color, and you find peace in speaking your peace, even if you make everyone else blue. You have no tolerance for people that are weak about Freedom of Speech. Speak out and let us know what you think about Blue.


Shades of Green:

Freedom of Speech has become one of the main concerns of your life. Yes, you love the environment and the smell of freshness gives you endurance and tranquility. Your like money in a vault, A Fact: You take up a lot of space, and green means go when it comes to speaking freely. To you nothing should come more naturally than to provide enhanced vision and the meaning of your natural freedom dominant color. Green, (Money) is power you relate freedom of speech to power and when you speak freely it’s like plowing fertile ground you know your words will grow and produce results. Most everyone acknowledges that green is the prime color of the world and for you this color has free speech written all over it. You know that your green personality can impact emotions and behaviors in any arena. When it comes to religious authority your first instinct is often, stop the dangerous rhetoric now. Theirs to much freedom of speech discrimination in the air for you to choose a religion. Although you have a very strong faith in a higher power, you will not throw it out for just anyone to scrutinize it. Speak out and tell us what you think about Green.


Shades of Black:

Black is the mystery color of the earth and the mystery color of freedom of speech. When black comes into freedom of speech it like firing live rounds in a crowd of people. That is how powerful the color of black freedom of speech is. You have no question that aggression and speaking freely comes hand and hand. Your strength, authority, formality, sophistication and power speak for itself. Black has been the far depths of freedom, the variation and allowance of freedom to speak has been associated with fear and evil. However, you represent the new color of black and have pronounced the color to be the brightest regarding speaking freely, and you’ll always take the first step whether you see it or not. The religious impact from your chosen color, has unconventional tactics to overcome any type of rejection in freedom of speech. You use black to release the struggle of speaking freely. Many questions themselves, when estimating the color of black and the powerhouse that it has become. You have the instinct to use your social skills to enhance the knowledge base of the color black. Tell us what you think of the color Black.


Shades of White:

The color white tells us you associate freedom of speech with goodness, purity of what was supposed to be the perfection of speaking freely. You use the freedom to speak as a positive connotation that represents truth and safety. Some may think or assume that white is the innocence aspect of freedom, however white is not always the clean color as it may appear. You seem to think that a successful beginning is always through the freedom to speak your peace, however you find that many times your peace of mind is used against you. You find white dominant in your space, and your distinctive political values can be too much one sided. You seem to have the ability to aggravate and incite people when it comes to the privilege of your freedom to speak. People of color may find your true side very quickly and you seem to be okay with that fact. As you find the freedom of speech more of a right that others do. When it comes to religion and the documents, (The Bible) your thoughts are construed in any fashion you want at any given time. You seem to dictate your own polish sense of direction when it comes to Freedom of Speech. You find this freedom more of a science than a privilege. No matter what anyone thinks, your white is right. What do you think about White?


Shades of Gray:

Talk about getting moody and being the conservative sophisticated and somewhat emotionless type, your gray color typically will express a very practical but formal outlook on the freedom of speech. You associate this freedom of speech with an amendment that has such a dingy past that you can hardly stand to discuss it without getting depressed. You feel this way because growing up, war, revolution, family and punk rock was just part of life, no one was explaining freedom of speech. Wow, thanks, cool, nice, groovy and far-out was good enough for you in the younger years. Even though gray is your most favorite color when it comes to love you prefer blue, because it’s a warmer shade of gray and combined they give you psychological power properties for energy, expression, fear, friendship and forgiveness. You’re very frank and comfortable about you’re your religion beliefs, being in the gray zone gives you a feeling of ashes regarding your freedom to speak out. You feel that those whom have stripped us from the right of free speech should repent and be punished. What do you think of the color Gray?


Shades of Tan:

Tan is a very natural color when it comes to decorating, however the tan color relating to freedom of speech turns your hidden side right side out. Until someone tells you that your freedom to speak is limited, you’re the pureness and softness that represents the word clam. This is the clam before the storm sort of speak because what’s behind the door of the hidden side of you is a raging inferno of crafty congressional remarks, that you feel should have be enacted when the freedom of speech amendment was written. When you think of freedom to speak you think government prohibiting people, congress rules that replaced your rights and limitations that have been brought forth on the American people without there knowledge. When it comes to love the color, tan reflects your creative thinking and open mine, however you hold your love like you hold the bill of right and the freedom of speech very tightly. You have religion counterparts that were ingrained into your belief at an early age, and its built the foundation for your opinion of freedom of speech, therefore your trust in the country’s sovereignty regarding speaking freely has no distinction but to offer total understanding. What do you think of Tan ?


Shades of Pink

When most think of pink it time for romantic nights and dreamy days. But the pink personality in you is seeking nothing but more knowledge and understanding with global analytical explanations and answers. You see no perfection in the freedom of speech amendment. You see more of a hypothetical unfairness of justice that defies logic from what it was supposed to be. Your confidence in pink may seem feminine, but your ability to quickly express a strong message regarding speaking freely has the power and punch of the greatest fighter. Those around you knows that you would sacrifice for the true opportunity to be heard around the world. You despise the fact that most people will not state what they believe because of the political climate we live in. You are one that thinks we should all band together and speak-out and let the American people notify the governments. Love and pink and the freedom of speech has not always been the best match, but when it comes to your love of speaking freely you will go beyond the call of duty to please. Your religious matters can often tangle with pink. Most religious groups would think your freedom in love is just as strong as the freedom to speak, therefore not pleasing most people with actions. What do you think of the color Pink?


Shades of Purple:

Your personality has the power to be the speaker of the house regarding freedom of speech. You have or will be associated with the wisdom, dignity, independence, magic, mystery and creativity to become the leader of any movement in relation to speaking freely. You believe, that no noble American should ever consider backing down from the freedom to speak of what they believe. You will often offer the ambition and knowledge to take someone to the next level of promoting this freedom. You consider yourself somewhat of royalty with grander expectations than most, and wealth is just part of that. Purple love stands out just as the love for your country, so you are proud of the love you offer for both. Religious concerns encourage you to higher spiritual knowledge with regards to speaking freely. You don’t make mountains out of mole hills because of other beliefs, but you are the defenders of rights to the end using the work you completed in the past to structure the planning for the future generation. What do you think about the color Purple?



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