[Full-time] Billing & Title Clerk at Toyota of Melbourne

Location: Florida


Routes vehicle transactions and ensure the proper completion of related documentation through the accounting office. Posts all vehicle sales in DMS verifying costs for sales tax, tag & registration. Handles the legal transfer of documents for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Audit all vehicle sales transactions for completeness & accuracy.

Posts sales transactions to accounting records such as worksheets, ledgers, and computer files. Reconciles office records with those of the sales department. Performs lien payoffs, cut miscellaneous payoffs and bird dog checks, determine eligibility on factory rebates prior to accepting deals in office. Prepares a daily report of contracts sent to bank, and deal log to account for all deal records.

Compiles a list of and tracks any open or unwound transactions. Resolves any titling problems with the responsible managers. Adjust commission as needed with sales manager approval. Maintain accurate records, prepare any journal entries to make adjustments for the following accounting schedules: 2320, 2400, 3021, 3010, 2115, 2245, & 3005.

Processes all new and used vehicles for registration in the state in which they will be titled. Prepares tag and title documents. Submits all legal transfer work to the Department of Motor Vehicles or tag office. Verifies that funds have been collected and the correct lien holder paid off before processing title applications.

Checks for accuracy in the application and ensure that all information is complete. Bills out all dealer trades and prepares Certificates of Origin. Maintains files for all dealer trade and wholesale vendors W9, dealer license and sales tax certificates. Maintains a system to verify out-of-state titles.

Cut applicable refund checks and payment to tag agency. Call on all payoffs where title has not been received within 14 days. Keeps abreast of factory sales programs and ensure proper credits to accounts are made. Frequently audit dealer tags.

Responsible for follow up on all unpaid dealer trade and wholesale balances and specifically maintaining the following schedules: 2111 & 3030. Compiles and maintains a complete list of all outstanding title work. Reports to management on the status of any missing or problem titles and provides a current list of outstanding titles to the comptroller at the end of month. Signs over titles for all wholesalers who have paid in full.

Prepares a monthly report to management of any funds not collected from wholesalers due to missing or incomplete title work. Processes yearly renewal of dealer tags in conjunction with comptroller. Stays abreast of title regulations. Attends seminars held by local licensing bureaus and any available training on title regulations.

Conducts periodic training sessions for F&I managers and sales personnel regarding title regulations and procedures and issues a written memo to managers and all sales personnel whenever regulations change. Compiles reports as requested. Handles special clerical projects as instructed by either the controller or the office manager. Maintains a professional appearance and reliable attendance on scheduled work days.

Attends managers meetings as requested.

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