Ill. House passes bill requiring gun owners to be fingerprinted

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UPDATED 9:43 AM PT — Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Illinois House has narrowly passed a bill requiring gun owners to get fingerprinted as part of their owner ID cards. The measure passed Wednesday despite strong opposition from state Republicans, who called it a “total and complete infringement on the Second Amendment.”

The bill also looks to raise the application fee for an ownership ID card from $10 for 10 years to $20 for five years. However, it still has to pass the state Senate.

The proposal led to heated debate from both sides of the aisle.

FILE – This image shows a finger print being digitally recorded. (AP/Photo/EU-EP)

“…Well, maybe you should think about these constitutional issues before you start filing these kinds of bills,” stated Illinois Republican Representative Deanne Mazzochi.

This comes after a mass shooting in Aurora back in February. It was later discovered the shooter was able to obtain a firearm ID card despite having a criminal history that should have stopped him from receiving one.

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