Interview: CEO Gary Spark Talks About WhalesTrader

Online crypto-trading platforms these days are dime a dozen. However, it takes a lot to get noticed and WhalesTrader is one such platform. Recently, CEO of WhalesTrader Gary Spark answered a few questions about the project to give readers a better idea of the platform and how it works.

Q: For the uninitiated, can you explain what WhalesTrader is all about?

A: WhalesTrader is all about giving the power back to people, in this case, the “fish”. Whales have been manipulating the market for a very long time, with the help of top-notch AI algorithms as well as quantitative systems. As a result, if you take a look at normal traders, they are left without any way of fighting back against the manipulation of whales. To solve this issue, we have created WhalesTrader which gives normal traders a wide range of tools to be used as weapons against whales, thus finally giving the normal fish an edge over the whales who manipulate the market to steal their money.

Q: How is it different from other trading platforms that are currently available in the market?

A: First and foremost, WhalesTrader is all about the user experience. This is a platform that was built by traders for traders. The product was not only built to solve issues that we, as traders went through, but we also constantly listen to our user’s advice when implementing new features. Not only this, but we are one of the few if not the only platform that actually uses advanced machine learning to understand and predict the markets movements. Not only that but some of our features are patent pending and therefore it will be quite hard for other platforms to copy us.

Q: Tell us more about the idea behind WhalesTrader and why you decided to embark on this mission?

A: Financial freedom is the dream of everyone living on this planet. We found it for our self once we built BlackWhale and WhalesExposed and we wanted to share it with the community instead of only profiting from it ourselves. You could say we are the anti-whalers, ideologically speaking since all we want to do is share and all they want to do is keep information to themselves. We do run a quite large investment fund so financially speaking we are whales and have already achieved financial freedom, however, since we understand how upsetting it can be to know that the market is being manipulated and to be left powerless against it, we decided to give this platform to the community. In a way, our platform offers anyone in the world the necessary tools to become financially free. What you do with them, however, depends only on the individual. It’s somewhat like college; you can get a great education but, in the end, what defines success is how well you can use that education.

Q: How does one start using WhalesTrader?

A: Actually, it’s extremely easy to start. Just create an account and then start learning about the different tools we offer with this link:  Everything available in the academy is completely free for everyone to learn and doesn’t simply teach you how to use WhalesTrader but also how to read any type of charts.

Q: Let’s talk a bit about the team behind WhalesTrader. Tell us more about the people instrumental in getting the project off the ground.

A: In the beginning, we were all basically crypto day traders, who had never even met each other. All our early conversations were taking place on a group chat on Telegram and while discussing with one another and realizing how much the market is manipulated, we decided to do something about it and so we created these tools for our own use. After learning how well the tools themselves work, we decided to open it up to the entire community. Since then, we have opened an investment fund as well as different offices all over the world.

Q: Do you have any collaborations and partnerships in place? Can you tell us more about them?

A: Our main focus at this moment is providing the best possible product on the market. We will only think about partnerships afterward.

Q: What does the future hold for WhalesTrader?

A: We will continue expanding the product since we have dozens of developers working on it around the clock. As we become more diverse, we hope that one day all the young people in the world who lack access to proper financial education or means of achieving financial freedom on their own will be able to use WhalesTrader to become traders and live a life where the money is not an issue. At WhalesTrader we don’t believe that money is the purpose, however, it is most usually the means to achieve the purpose, so we see it as our responsibility to help the young generation all over the world to be able to achieve their dreams, by having the necessary means to do so.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: We believe that everyone in this world has the right to have financial freedom. This is why we created WhalesTrader, the platform with exclusive tools which anyone can use, even without any knowledge or background in trading. So perhaps the only thing we’d like to add is that the main message behind WhalesTrader is to create your own financial freedom before it is too late.

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