Interview: Co-founder Aries Wang Explains Bibox Orbit

Bibox, a well-known crypto-asset trading platform has made a lot of headway in recent times. The company has announced many new developments and the latest one is the Bibox Orbit program. In a recent interview, one of the co-founders of Bibox Aries Wang shared few insights into the company’s initiatives.

Q: Let us start with some background about Bibox and the things that led to the creation of Bibox Orbit

A: Bibox was registered and established in November 2017.  Within one year, Bibox expanded its footprint in the U.S., Switzerland, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. Traders now are able to enjoy secure, stable, and user-friendly digital assets management services, with access to over 100 high-quality coins and over 200 trading pairs. Our registered users, as of April 2019, have exceeded 2 million.

Bibox has a wide range of digital assets products. Besides crypto-crypto trading, we set foot on derivatives trading, such as 3x margin trading, perpetual contracts with five trading pairs of BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC against USDT without imposing the funding rate from buyers or sellers. We aim to meet the enormous trading demand from the community and users.

We also launch BiboxLab, an incubator, accelerator, and hub, bringing together the world’s top Token Funds to consolidate the best resources on hand to fully support top-tier blockchain projects in terms of funds, technical guidance, consulting services, marketing and media, legal counsel and office space.

As a digital asset trading platform, we are also committed to premium decentralized projects, helping them grow and better apply in real life. With this mission in mind, Bibox Orbit comes into being.

Q: How do you envision Bibox Orbit contributing towards a stronger blockchain ecosystem?

A: Bibox Orbit provides them with a platform to raise funds for the development of the ecosystem. We wish to fully leverage Bibox’s resources and strength in supporting top-tier decentralized projects to increase their brand awareness and exposure across the industry. Also, Bibox Orbit provides them with a platform to raise funds, giving them enough time to focus on the technological innovation and development of the ecosystem.

Q: The Bibox Orbit is set to go live very soon. What are your expectations from the platform in the days to come?

A: For sure, we expect it to be successful. We hope Bibox Orbit will fulfill all of the three projects and participants’ expectations. For projects, Bibox Orbit provides them a platform to raise funds, at the same time, relying on Bibox resources and influence, it’s a good thing for their brand awareness and self-development in the industry. On the other hand, Bibox Orbit offers users diversified alternatives when it comes to investment. This is also our commission to initiate the Bibox orbit.

Q: If we have understood right, the Bibox Orbit program will be launched in phases, and what we are going to see on April 22, is the first phase. How will these phases be divided?

A: This would be the first phase of our IEO token launching, with three top-tier projects launched together on April 22.

On March 30th, we announced to launch Bibox Orbit.

About two weeks on April 17th, we released the rules, date and time for the subscription, that users can start the subscription from 10am till 5pm, April 22nd (GMT+8), by transferring BIX, the native token of Bibox, into the event page according to the subscription amount and the personal subscription limits, then they will get the subscription numbers.

Then on April 22nd, users can view the drawing result at 8 pm (GMT+8) the same day. But the trading for those three projects token will be announced.

Q: Tell us about the selection criteria for projects to be listed on Bibox Orbit. How many projects do you intend to support?

We evaluated projects in several dimensions:

First, the technological innovation ability of this project and its application scenario. Elements like innovation, real application scenario, wave-making, consistent development come into the play. We did very detailed and in-depth research on all these elements through repeatedly communication and research.

Second, whether tech logic is clear or not. This is a critical factor. Because technology is the underlying architecture, which determines whether a project can be fully applied to real life.

Third, the core team’s background.

When we were screening those projects, we also considered this factor. These three projects have a strong technical background and rich cross-industry experience. Their respective division of labor and cooperation are excellent as well. For example, Ludos. the core team members of the project are from Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, Peking University and other top-tier academic institutions.

Fourth, the investor background of the project.

SoftBank has Ludo’s back. X-Block is incubated by DFG, a well-known investment institution in Silicon Valley, and has received a strategic investment from Australia’s top institution, Kosmos Capital.

Of course, in addition to all these mentioned above, we will take the project community’s activity, operational capabilities and so on into consideration.

For this time, we only selected and launched three projects, but it’s an on-going thing, after the first phase, we will continue searching for premium projects, assisting them with the long-term development.

Q: Give our readers some insight into the team behind Bibox

A: Our team has a very versatile background and has veterans and experts from various industries involving blockchain, finance, AI, etc.

Our Asia region managing director, Jefferey Lei, was the co-founder of OKCoin and Jixianyuan. OKCoin is one of the first few digital asset exchanges, and Jixianyuan is an AI and information technology focused company. Before the successful entrepreneur journey, he worked for Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. His experience shaped him as an expert in blockchain, digital asset, AI and information tech and also a veteran angel investor.

Ji Ma, the co-founder of Bibox, is an expert in Big Data, AI and blockchain technology. He took the role of software engineer for the Institution of Software for Chinese Academy of Sciences after achieving his masters degree. In 2010, he joined Huawei responsible for the R&D, testing and developing solutions for network security products. As a serial entrepreneur since 2013, he co-founded a well-known AI technology company, Jixianyuan, providing services for Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Education, Lenovo, Sogou, Qihoo 360 Technology, State Grid, etc.

Our Southeast Asia managing director, Guojie Liu, who holds a double master’s degree from National University of Singapore and the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining Bibox, he worked as an asset manager at BlackRock, and has ample experience in capital markets, blockchain investments, and private equity.

As a co-founder of Bibox myself, I’m glad to be constantly growing with the company and the industry. While developing Bibox exchange, I joined BlockWater Capital and went on investing in top- tier projects. To share the experience and knowledge, I’ve gained in the past few years, I have released my book <Crypto Economy> last year, now the book is available on and offline and is in many university libraries.

Q: Any collaborations or industry partnerships in the making?

A: Yes, I’d say many exciting news will be released in the near future. Stay tuned!


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