Interview: Sam Weaver Talks About Zamsino Gaming Guide

The online cryptocurrency gambling market is growing at a phenomenal pace. And, the rising number of gambling platforms entering the market has left the players in confusion. Zamsino has come to the patrons’ rescue with a guide that enables players to choose the right platform they can trust and the games they like.

In a brief interview, the Chief Editor at Zamsino United Kingdom Sam Weaver offers an insight into the platform.

Q: Let’s start with the most important question, What is Zamsino?
A: Zamsino is an online gaming guide focused on everything from online casinos, bingo to sports betting.

Q: Can you tell us more about the listing process on Zamsino? What are the parameters on which the platforms are evaluated?
A: On Zamsino we are taking several things into account such as bonus, free spins, payment methods such as Bitcoin or E-wallets. We can also measure the popularity of each casino via clicks and regs and usually push the most popular casinos first in the top lists.

Q: What made you come up with Zamsino? When did it all start?
A: I was working in the online casino industry in Malta and found it out by searching for online casinos on Google. I figured out the business model and it was lucrative so then I started working on it.

Q: How many people are there on your team?
A: We are currently a team of 7 people working from our office in Malta.

Q: What are your thoughts about the crypto-gambling segment and what do you think, is in store for the industry in the near future?
A: We are probably to see more regulations coming everywhere in Europe but as cryptocurrencies are getting more mainstream, I am sure that plenty of online casinos will offer deposit methods such as bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Q: What are your future plans for Zamsino?
A: We are right now on a global expansion, trying to test out as many markets as possible with minimum effort for the expansion. We hold 8 complete versions of the site while we are launching some 1-page guides on our international page for people in less lucrative markets.

Q: Would you like to add anything more?
A: We are doing a big cryptocurrency update soon, this will mean that we will be doing a crypto offers page for all of our GEO┬┤s and I hope you will come by and visit us then!

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