John McAfee Tweets a Good Review of the KaratGold Crypto Ecosystem, Which Is Backed by Karatbars Germany

One of the best-known Bitcoin supporters and well-respected crypto voices John McAfee has announced support for Karatbars International. The company initially known as a retailer of tiny gold items, today declares itself as a provider of multiple blockchain solutions for the traditional market.

“Warning: I work with this company. However, KBC coin is linked to gold in a way that downside is limited, while the upside is unlimited,” McAfee wrote on his Twitter referring to KBC, the coin freely convertible into physical gold. “For me, it is simply a way to protect against the crypto markets’ volatility. I only work for companies I believe in.”

Recently, blockchain solutions behind Karatbars have actively hit crypto media headlines. The company is focused on distributing small portions of gold that can be used as a form of payment – just like hundreds of years ago. Considering handy pieces of gold as a prospective alternative to current payment methods, Karatbars keeps pace with the crypto market’s needs.

An array of technical innovations around KaratGold Coin (KBC) allows a new-born cryptocurrency to be accepted within and beyond the cryptocurrency sphere. Being convertible into one of the most valued precious metals, KBC remains highly resistant to fluctuations. It is easily convertible into other assets and recognized by 12 crypto exchanges: CoinBene, CoinSuper, Hubi, Bit-Z, BitForex, HitBTC, Coinbe, P2Pb2b, Coinall, KaratBit, and Coineal.

The functionality around the KBC allows it to go far beyond a single project and be accepted by online-stores as a means of payment for goods and services. By installing a specially designed piece of code, compliant with Woocommerce, Magento and PrestaShop, online vendors will be able to receive KBC, Bitcoin or Ether in one click. The main advantages of the K-Merchant online shopping solutions are the avoidance of any charge-back risks that can occur when using credit card payments and the elimination of any market risk.

An even more interesting thing, however, is a blockchain-enabled smartphone that is now starting to join the race with the crypto-focused handsets developed by Samsung, HTC and Sirin Labs. IMpulse K1 Phone first delivery of which is scheduled for September 2019 is set to protect user communication, be it voice or text messages, whereabouts or private keys, through p2p enciphering, thereby minimizing any third-party intervention.

An array of K1 features includes Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOPB) that eliminates third-party companies and servers by replacing them with a p2p model; Matrix ID allowing the user to create an infinite amount number of crypto accounts with every wallet to be assigned one identity; IPFS storage that makes all data like media, photos, docs to be stored encrypted in a p2p way; Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location which is set to protect user whereabouts; and the Worm Guard technology that protects private keys from theft or loss. The handset allows the user to create several fiat and cryptocurrency wallets, set up automatic payments, and use multiple phone numbers without changing SIM cards.

It should be said that John McAfee’s tweet was commented on by both supporters and skeptics of the project and quoted many times within the crypto community. Whatever the case, any project that achieved such a resonance is worth paying attention, especially in the newly reviving market.

Image: @OfficialMcAfee on Facebook


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