Legal Expert: Democrat calls to impeach President Trump become political issue

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UPDATED 7:59 AM PT – Friday, April 19, 2019

“From the perspective of the Department of Justice there’s a conclusion that no crimes were committed by, most importantly, the president.”

— Robert Ray, former U.S. attorney, partner – Thompson & Knight

According to a top legal expert, the Mueller report makes impeachment nearly impossible for Democrats.

In an interview Thursday, former federal prosecutor Robert Ray said it would be a political matter if Democrats looked to pursue impeachment proceedings. Ray added, he’s not sure if Democrats are willing to take that route.

The expert also said the president’s calls for an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe could be legitimate.

“That may foster some further investigation as to the origins of the quote unquote ‘Russia collusion investigation’ and the application to the FISA court and warrants and what the FBI was doing from a counter surveillance perspective in terms of investigating a presidential campaign and whether it was politically motivated, I mean these are all legitimate questions,” Ray stated.

FILE – Special counsel Robert Mueller, left, and President Donald Trump, right. (AP/Photos)

Some Democrats have said the Mueller report’s findings will allow them to continue congressional probes into possible obstruction of justice.

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