Millennial Inspired Co-Living Start-Up Tripalink Launches With $5 Million Series A Funding Round

LOS ANGELES, CA – Tripalink, a start-up focusing on building Co-living communities, raised $5 million in its Series A+ funding round, marking the second time completion of funding within six months. This funding round was led by Calin SJG Fund, L.P, with the participation of K2VC, eBroker, and Tekton Ventures.

"The funds will be used for upgrading our products and services, as well as expanding the market," says CEO Donghao Li.

As a Chinese start-up in Los Angeles, Tripalink, linking the eastern and the western culture, advantaged with its deep understanding of the international rental market. Its rapid growth is to a large extent the result of the insight into the great market potential and firm belief in the value of connectivity fostered by Co-living community.

In 2019, millennials are expected to take up the largest percentage of the living adult population, with their numbers increasing to 73 million (Fry, 2018). For this generation in the United States, Co-living is the trendiest lifestyle in recent years. While ensuring the personal private space, a Co-living community also provides spacious and versatile common areas to fully meet the residents' demands in social interaction.

"Compared to hotels and traditional student apartments, Tripalink's high-quality one-stop service to free all our residents from chores and set their mind at ease. The Co-living community environment will also offer our residents a supreme living experience," Li introduces.

Currently, Tripalink has two main products: U-Living and V-Living. With a long-term cooperation with experienced real estate developers and homeowners, Tripalink provides high-quality and personalized U-Living units. Up to now, Tripalink has served over 4,000 millennials, with an average renewal rate amounting 75 percent. Two V-Living projects have been finished, while 13 more projects are under construction. It is expected that by the end of 2019, the number of the bedspace available will exceed 3,000, and at least 10 new V-Living apartments will be delivered for use. By far, Tripalink has expanded its business in Pittsburgh and Seattle, and it will enter Austin, Philadelphia within this year; the number of all community members is foreseen to reach 20,000 in 2020.

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