New Coinbase Venture Lets You Earn Free Crypto, BAT Surges 30%

Different crypto exchanges appear to be aligning themselves with different crypto projects. Binance is big on Tron and the new BitTorrent token it exclusively launched recently and Coinbase is now promoting Basic Attention Token through a new scheme called Earn which allows you to do exactly that.

Launched today, Coinbase Earn allows those invited via email to complete a number of online lessons and tutorials regarding the BAT powered Brave Browser in order to earn some of its tokens. In a tweet the company said that up to $10 of BAT would be initially available to those taking the online educational lessons and interactive tasks;

It is clear that Coinbase is actively promoting the browser and BAT which it listed in early November last year. The Basic Attention Token aims to improve the efficiency of online advertising with the use of an Ethereum based token that can be issued between advertisers and publishers.

The new venture is aimed at raising awareness for the Brave open source web browser which intends to de-clutter the web by removing intrusive advertising. The space is currently monopolized by Google whose ads are literally everywhere. Facebook, another internet monopoly increasingly seen as a scourge, has also morphed into an intrusive stream of scammy looking ads that have replaced what people originally signed up to see.

The lessons have been launched on the Earn BAT page and are designed to raise awareness and increase adoption of the browser and its token.

“We see these interactive, advanced lessons in cryptocurrencies and tokens as an important step toward building awareness and usage of utility use-cases in the crypto ecosystem–one where a beginner can quickly get up to speed on a token in a few minutes, actually engage with the product, and earn some of that token along the way,” the Coinbase blog added.

It is one way to get people into crypto without them needing to buy it. Just like Binance, Coinbase views itself as a trusted source for crypto education and awareness. This unique venture provides a good alternative to airdrops which are also commonly used to raise awareness for a specific project, BitTorrent token being the most recent example.

As expected, BAT pumped 30% on the announcement surging from $0.10 to over $0.13 in an hour or so. It has since pulled back but still posts a 13% gain on the day as volume jumped from $4 to $17 million. BAT is currently in 32nd place in the market cap charts with $140 million, a Coinbase endorsement such as this will no doubt help to improve on that.

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