Ondo Football Association Crisis Deepens As Faction Calls For Cancellation Of Elections

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has been asked to cancel the election into the Ondo State Football Association (ODSFA).

Dele Ologbese, the Vice Chairman of ODSFA, alongside 14 other local government football councils, made the call in a letter written to the NFF leadership.

In the letter dated January 26, 2019, and obtained by SaharaReporters, Ologbese noted that the statutory guidelines prepared by the board to guide the conduct of elections into the local government football council and state executive board were all doctored.

He accused Dele Ajayi and Daodu Alex of perpetrating fraud in the electoral process, stressing that the election was also marred with irregularities as it was “stage-managed” in order to give favour to preferred candidates of the incumbent chairman.

He kicked against the involvement of policemen as delegates at the local council election, adding that such action was alien to the NFF.

The letter read: “The adoption of policemen to vote at local government football council elections was cleverly perfected and supported to give undue advantage to candidates of the Dele Ajayi/Henry Akingboju group at the elections.

“Apart from the controversial delegates list of coaches with notable flaws presented to the electoral committee, it is unfortunate that the list of referees, local government sports desk officers and the Police are yet to be forwarded to the electoral body, giving strong impression that the state FA electoral committee is inadequately prepared for elections or that it could be working for the interest of certain known cabals within the association.

“Having regard to the foregoing and overwhelming evidences in support of the highhandedness and official recklessness of Dele Ajayi over election matters, we humbly request for the cancellation of the local government football councils election across Ondo State, and immediate disbandment of electoral committee for the sake of fair play and justice.”

Ologbese also accused Michael Fabonmi, Chairman of the Ondo State Coaches Association, for presenting individuals that are not certificated and known in the association.

In his response to the accusation, Fabonmi accused Ologbose of not being a member of the coaches association, noting that he does not have the right to determine who is not a member of the association.

“I know his (Ologbese) feeling and it is because the man he is contesting against is a policeman. He should not fear his membership because he never told anyone of them who to vote for. Is Ologbese a coach? Is he a member of the coaching association? I learnt some of my boys have joined the other party (Ologbese) and some did not come for the election as directed by Ologbese.

“We must be neutral; some of them have been bought over. I have told all of them to vote their conscience and give us the best chairman, that’s all. For simple majority, we said let’s have odd number and we agreed to put the Police. That was how we arrived with the Police at the congress.

“Ologbese is not a member, and he cannot know exactly those who registered and those that did not register. I told them those that will vote must be registered members of the association.”

SaharaReporters gathered that the elections into the football council had begun with the Ondo South senatorial district electing chairmen, while that of the North and Central senatorial district will be conducted on Monday.