President Trump Joins Others In Honoring Holocaust Victims on the 74th Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day

OAN Newsroom
11:38 AM PT – Sun. January 27, 2019

President Trump, the Jewish people, and others around the world remember and honor the lives of the six million victims who were brutally murdered in the Holocaust.

January 27th is the annual International Commemoration of the Holocaust, marking the date of Auschwitz’s liberation of Jews in 1945.

On Sunday, the President issued a message saying, “To remember these men and women—those who perished and those who survived—is to strive to prevent such suffering from happening again.”

The United Nations designated the date as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2005.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution in 2017 urging member states to protect its Jewish citizens and institutions from hate crime and speech; however, not every member state has adopted the resolution.

According to the UN, the purpose is not only to remember the victims of the Holocaust, but to promote the education of the Holocaust throughout the world.