President Trump slams Michael Cohen for using same lawyer as Hillary Clinton

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UPDATED 9:57 AM PT — Thursday, January 24, 2019

President Trump is firing off on his former attorney Michael Cohen for backing out of his upcoming hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

Michael Cohen is blaming President Trump for the reason why he has decided to postpone his testimony on Capitol Hill. In a statement Wednesday, Cohen accused the president and Rudy Giuliani of making threats against him and his family as recent as this past weekend before announcing he will not be attending his upcoming hearing before House lawmakers on February 7, 2018.

Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis said his client is putting his family and their safety first, adding, his appearance will be postponed to a later date.

President Trump took aim at Cohen’s decision to cancel and his choice of legal representation on Thursday. Davis, who formerly served as special counsel to President Bill Clinton, also represented Hillary Clinton when she became subject of an FBI probe involving her private email server. President Trump pointed out Davis helped Clinton avoid testifying under oath before FBI agents when she was questioned over her possible mishandling of classified information back in 2016.

However, the president was not the only one to criticize Cohen for backing out of his upcoming hearing before Congress. Porn star Stormy Daniels called Cohen out in a vulgar tweet on Wednesday, urging him to testify.

Stormy Daniels tweet on Cohen’s decision to postpone testimony.

While lawmakers were not expected to press Cohen on any matters related to the Russia investigation, the president’s former attorney was expected to answer questions about the run-up to the 2016 election.

This all comes on the heels of a fake Buzzfeed report that claimed President Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie before Congress about abandoned plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The unverified report drove the media into a frenzy as political pundits began calling for the president’s impeachment, which prompted the special counsel to step in and release a statement denying the allegations.

President Trump (L), Michael Cohen (R). (AP/Photos)

President Trump has repeatedly dubbed Cohen as a pathological liar and accused him of making wild accusations in an effort to get a lighter sentence. On Wednesday, the president said any allegations claiming he threatened Cohen are completely false.

“No, I would say he’s been threatened by the truth, he’s only been threatened by the truth and he doesn’t want to do that probably for me or other of his clients,” said President Trump. “He has other clients also, I assume, and he doesn’t want to tell the truth for me or other of his clients.”

Michael Cohen has been sentenced to three-years in prison after he pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including lying to Congress.