Thailand’s pro-army party won popular vote, opposition second: election commission

March 28, 2019

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s pro-army Palang Pracharat Party won the popular vote in Sunday’s general election with 8.4 million ballots, the Election Commission said on Thursday as it released unofficial results of the first election since a military coup in 2014.

The main opposition Pheu Thai Party, whose elected government was toppled in the coup, got 7.9 million votes, said Krit Urwongse, deputy secretary-general of the Election Commission.

The results represented 100 percent of the ballots counted but would remain unofficial until final results are announced on May 9.

The commission has not announced the full number of seats for each party in the 500-seat House of Representatives.

Results for the lower house’s 350 directly elected “constituent seats” showed Pheu Thai with 137 and the Palang Pracharat with 97.

The remaining 150 House of Representatives seats are allocated according to a complex formula involving the total number of votes for each party.

However, parties have been calculating their share of the allocated seats based on partial results, and both Palang Pracharat and Pheu Thai have claimed they have a mandate to form the next government.

(Writing by Kay Johnson)

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