Pick a topic to discuss on one of the Lee & Sheridan Shows. The listed is a great guideline.


We sometimes receive suggestions that are vague and covers broad subject areas (i.e. “Do one on handguns” or “What about affordable housing?”), We take each suggestions by our viewers and listeners and include them in a database for future use and to engage in a broader coverage in a current topic.

Given our limited podcast per day and the hundreds of suggested unexplored topics, selecting new subjects is chosen by the RPN staff with no guarantee for any subject or topic.

Make it a good show and be prepared with discussion copy.

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  1. “Oralism vs. manualism.”
    Las Vegas Nv.
  2. “Should students be paid to go to school to keep them more interested?”
    Bakersfield Ca.
  3. “Should students be forced to take certain classes (IE) gym/music class
    Clarksville, Tennessee
  4. “Should all students be required to take 3 High School foreign language classes to graduate?
    Sandy Springs Georgia
  5. “Please examine and engage topics on the advantages and disadvantages of a standards or proficiency based grading scalecompared to the traditional grading scale?”
    Greer South Carolina
  6. “Should students be monitored for taking ‘Mental Health Treatment‘ in school!?
    San-Francisco California
  7. “Should the federal government require community service hours from the 6th grade forward as a requirement for graduation as part of the federal funding? Dallas Texas
  8. “Should the federal government fund and regulate home schools?”
    Rural America
  9. Who should rule on the “Importance of spiritualism with education.”
    Atlanta Georgia
  10. “Should it be compulsory (A Law) to teach Asian languages in all schools? Please have a qualified professor discuss this on one of the Lee & Sheridan Shows.
    New York
  11. Please discuss why or not Arts and Music programs would be removed from schools?”
    Denver Co.
  12. “What are the benefits and the downfalls of year-round school years on all K-12 schools?”
    Miami Florida
  13. “Is it easier for children or adults to learn and be effective as a language learner?”
  14. “Should all foreigners be required to learn English before coming into the USA?”
    San Diego Ca.
  15. “A Great show/ suggestion would be “Should Critical Thinking be a requirement in the K-12 curriculum of public schools in America?”
    Austin Texas
  16. “Please do a show on if schools monitoring their student’s online status to prevent and control cyber bullying.”
    Boston Mass
  17. “Should it be acceptable to use schools as platforms for protest(student walkouts) on political issue when they are not allowed to vote?”
    Cleveland Ohio
  18. “Have you ever done a show on school closings?”
    Cairo Illinois
  19. “Should we start teaching our children foreign language in kindergarten?”
    Nashville Tennessee
  20. “Do a show on socioeconomic status affecting academic achievement(An if there’s a correlation between the academic achievement based on parent participation and income of parents?)
    Orlando Florida
  21. “Do a show on how dog owners, are not respecting others with allergic conditions when having their dogs in public places.

Macon Georgia

  1. “Do a show about teachers being armed at work to protect children. Should they be allowed to come to work armed.”
    Knoxville Tennessee
  2. “A great topic would be open campus lunch venue in high schools.”
    Charlotte North Carolina
  3. Topic: I’ve seen some schools using music during testing / studying. Is this better for students?
    New York City
  4. “Book Nut Topic: Could reading books more than one hour be bad for your brain or relationship?”
    Harvard College
  5. Could you do a discussion or show on privatized education and how the de facto segregation issue has affected the demographics of private schools.”
    Washington State
  6. “Please do a show on our current federal regulated school system and whether it’s used as its supposed to be in rural areas.”
    Tampa Florida
  7. “A show about students of starting &/or maintaining a student-run business in school”Memphis Tennessee
  8. “Please do a show on independent schooling Maybe talk about and show online schools, or schools where time frame is not so structured.”
    Orlando, Winter Park Florida
  9. “Maybe how colleges use social media to make admissions decisions without the students’ knowledge?”
    Penn State
  10. “Facts about how colleges and universities operate the fraternities and sororities, and should they be eliminated?”
    Gainesville Florida
  11. “I would like to see a show/topic showing how kinds at high school act at lunch in school.”
  12. “Maybe a show about graphic novels in Language Arts classrooms…

New Orleans

  1. “Should college students have a written business plan to target a major in college? A study shows a much as 31% of students may be in favor of this idea. Seems like a great Lee & Sheridan topic.”
    Tampa Florida
  2. “How effective is the Innovative Language 101 program to learn new languages?”
    Little Rock, Arkansas
  3. “Do a show on Esperanto, or do we have enough of languages to offer people?
    St Louis Mo.
  4. “How about school asking kids to start learning two or more languages earlier in school?”
    Mid-West Teacher
  5. “Does the curriculum for high school students need to increase requirements to take three years of fine art credits to graduate?”
    Knoxville Tennessee
  6. ” Does Rosetta Stone really work for learning languages?”
    Miami Fl.
  7. “Should preschool children be at school as long as a typical school day?
    Dayton Ohio
  8. “Could you PLEASE do a topic on banning cell phones in school?”
    Marietta Georgia
  9. “Should colleges be required to include a civics course as a graduation requirement?”
    Augusta Ga.
  10. “Difference in learning and comparing between writing notes on paper vs. typing on a laptop?”
    Riverside California
  11. “You should do a show about teaching children the important of their natural talent / hard work
    Spokane Washington
  12. “A great topic would be Grading based on effort, rather than ability – the controversy that exist?”
    Yonkers New York
  13. “A show about the junk foods in schools and not offering a better variety of food?”
    Winter Haven Florida
  14. “Should students with certain gran levels, be pushed towards vocational classes in high schools?”
    Dickson Tenn.
  15. “About young kids joining the military without knowing real world conditions just to get all or most of their college paid for?”
    Fort Campbell Ky.
  16. “Should there be special funding for mental health classes in public and, or private schools?”
    Rochester New York
  17. “Is music a class that should be a core subject in education?”
    Nashville Tennessee.
  18. “What are the chances that Donald Trump will try and pass a bill to have tuition-free college?”
    Mobile Alabama
  19. “Does the United States need the existing Department of Education or should each state have their own?”
    Washington D.C.
  20. “Should recess be required in all schools?

Salt Lake City Utah

  1. “Many schools block scheduling in education, should all schools do this?”
    Glendale California
  2. “Should all universities have safe spaces for students?”
  3. “Can you do a show on the freedom to speaking out in school?”
    Mapleton Georgia
  4. “Should school monitor students’ social media even off campus?”
  5. “Has the school suspension policies created more harm or are they effective?”
    Cape Coral Florida
  6. “How about the downfalls of compulsory education?”
    Atlanta GA
  7. “A show on mandatory policies for schools to drug test students?”

Chicago Ill

  1. “A show on the benefits of offering students year-round schools?”
  2. Student debt disparity Podcast, reform and default.
    Garden Grove
  3. “Should a higher level of competition be more influenced at schools?”
    Salem Oregon
  4. “The topic of Trophy children/students – how this changes student entitlement.”
    Peoria Arizona
  5. “A discussion/podcast on Universal Preschool and it effect on the academic achievement gap.”
    Jackson Mississippi
  6. “A show on the IDEA and mainstreaming of deaf and hard of hearing kids, do more harm than good in terms of their education and their identity for potential success?”

Cary North Carolina

  1. “A show on fine arts cost vs benefits in middle schools. Or related subjects similar.”
    Springfield Missouri
  2. “How about a show, that list free education sources?”
    Alexandria Virginia
  3. “How about a show on parenting and real-world conditions for high school graduation?”
    Salinas Ca.
  4. “A show on the creative opportunities for students in middle and high school?”
    Springfield Massachusetts
  5. “A podcast on the options that students have picking their own classes.
    Hollywood California
  6. “A show on why most middle schools don’t allow an open campus?”Pasadena Texas
  7. “Podcast this topic: Helicopter parenting/parental involvement, participation in sports/does it benefit/hurt a student, freedom of speech/does it need limitations, school funding/equability.”
    Pomona California
  8. “Podcast everyday about Freedom of speech in public school and everywhere else?”
    Kansas City, Kansas
  9. “A show on the cost and effort associated with becoming an exchange student.”
    Paterson New Jersey
  10. “I want to see a Lee & Sheridan podcast on teachers being bullies 
    Naperville Illinois
  11. “Broadcast a show of anti-bullying techniques and workshops?”
    Bridgeport Conn.
  12. “How about a show showing parents’ rights to freely choose without economic coercion what schoolpublic or private, that is the very best for a child?”
    Killeen Texas
  13. “Do a show on how Political science used for brainwashing students. Maybe how to look for the signs of such.
    Bellevue Washington
  14. “Would love to see a show about intelligence testing, personality testing and educational testing as well as legal issues and ethical implications of such testing.”
    Syracuse New York
  15. “A show on how PTA’s “teachers’ organizations” may really be responsible for some bad programs at schools?”
    Savannah Georgia
  16. “A podcast on how high school start times effect children’s sleep cycles?”
    Miramar Florida
  17. “It would be interesting to see a show on any controversy with farrier educationbeing taught in high school.
    Thornton Colorado
  18. “A show on Saturday School punishment days?”
    Waco Texas
  19. “It would be a long show but, could you engage in a comparison on various types of education models including: public schools, private schools, community schools, charter schools, magnet schools, home school.”
    Murfreesboro Tennessee
  20. “Here’s a wild Tattoo request, do or do they not have an effect on a teacher’s ability to teach?”
    Roseville California
  21. “A show on why agriculture is not a standard in school subjects anymore?”
    Warren Michigan
  22. “A podcast on how ridiculous it is to allow dogs in school?”
    Charleston South Carolina
  23. “A podcast on, physical existence in plants and other life.
    Hampton Virginia
  24. “Make a show on school start time early morning vs late?”
    Surprise Arizona
  25. “A show providing options for students wanting a trade school basic skills test in high school.?”
    Visalia California
  26. “A show showing to grade school children speaking second languages.
    Sterling Heights Michigan
  27. “How about Semesters vs. trimesters vs. year-round school, for all students in high schools and college?”
    Coral Springs Florida
  28. “A podcast showing the cost and sources of Public funding in cyber charter schools?”
    Cedar Rapids Iowa
  29. “A show on daily use of drug dogs in all public schools mandatory?”
    Gainesville Florida
  30. “Show us what you can on the ability for students being allowed to eat food in class.”
    Kent Washington
  31. “A show on if all schools require a psychology class in High School?”
    Santa Clara CA.
  32. “Topic: Louisiana Schools: The effects of forcing grades in school? If, all children perform better with or without grades?”
    Lafayette Louisiana
  33. “Go UGA, how about Coed single sex learning environments for k-12 grades?”
    Athens Georgia
  34. “RFS, Could you do a show on how education may stifle creativity.”
    Topeka Kansas