Tron (TRX) Bulls Snap Back to Trend, Rewinds Earlier Losses

  • TRX up 22.3 percent from last week’s close
  • US SEC flexibility will spur innovation and Tron set to benefit

Overly, US SEC decision to support innovation could end up benefiting TRX. At the moment, bulls are back, wiping losses and confirming buyers of late May.

Tron Price Analysis


Justin Sun is known for his aggressive marketing. However, considering that he is behind one of the most liquid coins in TRX that supporters claim is a utility; his approach is fodder for critics. On one end, the SEC may be relaxing their rules allowing for the sake of innovation.

Through the Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman, the US SEC announced a leeway. He said projects that even pushed the agency’s boundaries could in a flip turn from being a security to a utility. But there is a catch. It is only applicable for projects that can demonstrate use case. Only then will the agency issue a no-action letter even if it is in progress.

While this will be a relief for crypto projects fundraising via Tron or any other platform, whether TRX remains a security within the US is still a sticky topic. No doubt, comments from Justin do affect prices in one way or another. That’s on top of centralization questions and the general fractured market where regulators find themselves in a dilemma. The matter of balancing regulation without sacrificing technology and innovation will always be a tough nut for regulators.

Candlestick Arrangement

Up 22.2 percent week-to-date, 12Tron (TRX) bulls are in control. From the chart, TRX is trading within a bullish breakout pattern. In line with previous TRX/USD trade plans, the expansion over the weekend saw prices spike to 4 cents.

Even so, it appears as if TRX is heating up and may cool off. Following yesterday’s inverted hammer, today’s drawdown is a temporary correction. However, it is an opportunity for traders to buy the dips with targets at 4 cents and later 6 cents.

Should sellers press lower forcing liquidation, it is likely that TRX will fall back to the 3.1 cents mark in a retest before prices spring back to the primary trend. Ideally, the recovery as well as a breakout above 4 cents ought to be with high trading volumes revealing demand.

Technical Indicator

In light of recent developments, June 1 candlestick is our reference bar. It has high trading volumes of 31 million versus 14 million averages confirming the bullish breakout above 3.1 cents. Therefore, in an uptrend as this, any close above 4 cents ought to be with equally high trading volumes cementing this preview.

Chart courtesy of Trading View. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

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