Yellow Vests protest outside UN against French police violence

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UPDATED 11:32 AM PT — Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Yellow vest protesters from France gathered outside the United Nation’s office in Switzerland to denounce police violence.

Hundreds of citizens took the street of Geneva Wednesday to highlight police violence used during the protest, which began nearly three-months ago.

During the rally, protesters listed out the names of those who have been injured. Some of them lost their eyes and hands to police weapons, including tear gas and flash balls.

A demonstrator kicks a tear gas canister during a yellow vest protest in Paris, France, Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019. (Photo/Francois Mori/AP)

The protesters accused the French authorities of using violence to discredit the whole movement.

“France must be held accountable. Today, there are victims who have lost eyes, we have victims who have had their hands torn off, or their feet. There are victims who have been deafened, who have had their skulls fractured, so we want to call on the French government, and face up to its responsibilities for that.”

— Nicolas Mollier, French yellow vest protester

The movement began as protests against a fuel tax hike, but has broadened to include a range of concerns about France’s living standards and economic issues.

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